About Wikis

Wikis are websites that anyone can add, delete and generally build upon in anyway that they want (for this class, our focus is interactive design).

Wikis are a great way for all of us to pool our our combined knowledge and resources to learn and benefit from each other. In todays knowledge society, designers need to engage in collaborative practices in order to innovate and thrive in the competitive market place. This wiki is an extension of the studio environment where we can share ideas, respond to each others work and leverage class contributions to help further our design work.

Check out Wikis in Plain English from the friendly folks at Common Craft


Other things about the Wiki

  1. The Creative Commons is a corporation that allows artists to mark their creative work with a certain copyright license. By using the Creative Commons license, your copyright can range from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved". This comic and this comic might help explain this more clearly.
  2. Put a web poll on your wikispace! Know more about your visitors! Web polls made easy .