Wanting to buy a new pair of shoes from an online store.


"like, omagah!"


Progress 1.

Progress 2.



  • People who are literate to either English or French.
  • Those with access to credit card for payment.
  • People might have the inability to correctly distinguish between colours of the shoes they want to buy.
  • People who don't have access to internet would not be able to view the site.
  • People who have eye problems cannot see small text or light coloured text.
  • People of different ethnicity
  • People with good spacial ability to remember how to navigate throughout a website than those who don't.
  • People need to have their language preferences to communicate information and signage (English and French)
  • Needs to find a balance of trends in different cultural differences to sell shoes from an online store.
  • People are better at recognizing the same themes within a website for usability.
Usage Experiences
  • People who are regularly in use of online shopping navigation are more likely.
  • Frustration when people can't find the right pair of shoes (colours, or size).
  • When shoes are too expensive, people are indecisive.
  • People get greedy when they want to buy more and more - obsession over shoes!
  • People might have different browsers. The website needs to support commonly used browsers.


Temporal Aspects
  • People often learn from frequent tasks, so the website should have easy navigation.
  • A continuous set of actions and menus helps the users understand how the website can be used.
  • The website shouldn't take two minutes to deliver a response. People get frustrated when pictures or websites do not load and quickly loose the patience to wait for the server. Thus, the server has to be at a considerable rate.
  • Needs to address communication when people want to make contact with the shoes company.
  • People need to see from one thing to another and not get trapped with dead links that lead to no where.
  • People might be able to hack into the accounts to see transactions and bank info.
  • Paying needs to be secure because transactions made online just need credit card numbers.
  • Online payments are usually based on servers. Servers needs to be secure.
  • Buying from a scam, a fake site that rips you money.
  • People might exploit your information by observing the company. Will be targeted to specific ads after they get information from them.
  • Might get virus from ads.
The Nature of the Content
  • Users need to have a keyboard, a computer, a mouse to navigate throughout the website.


Physical Environment
  • The website could be easily accessed in different areas of the world, however consideration must be made when remote environments have slow internet whereas large cities have faster networks.
Social Context
  • People might be against the idea of online shopping.
  • There might be a lot of people who spend time online shopping because they are too busy in the day to actually go to the malls.
  • If sound input it used on the website, website designers need to understand the place the user might be in (work or home).
Organizational Content
  • As technology changes, web designers need to develop other ways to help better user experiences.


  • Clicking from web pages to the next using a mouse.
  • Mouse navigation
  • Typing data (contact) information, etc using the keyboard.
  • Products that are shipped directly to you.
  • Invoices indicating what you've bought (confirmation), and billing invoices.
  • When link are clicked, the website response is followed up.
  • Photographs of the pictures vary from screen to screen.
  • Communication between people and the website needs to be considered. Users need to know about confirmation and/or billing invoices of the products to know that the order has been processed.
  • Bandwidth and speed of the website is an issue.
  • Products needs to be kept up to date so that users are able to know what is still in stock or not.
  • Website should be updated frequently to make users confide in the website that it will provide the right and updated information.


Name: Shelly Ling
Occupation: Grade 12 high school student
Likes: fashion, magazines, gossip, high heels


Shelly Ling has a prom to attend to in two weeks. Her best friends had been talking about the various kinds of shoes and where to find the best shoes for the cheapest deal. Since Shelly wants to have the one and only pair of heels in her high school prom, she decides to search up some shoes online. She wanted to be unique and considered high heels with bright colours that will catch people's attention. She browses through viewing all the different considerations from the thumbnails available on the website. She selects a link and decides it was the pair she wanted. She clicked "Add to Cart" and made the transaction by choosing either to use her credit card, or paypal, OR neither (which leads to mom's old pair of heels instead). She finds it easy to navigate the website, and decides to recommend the website to her best friends. One week later, she receives a package with a "darling shoe" and wears it to prom not knowing that she will be PROM QUEEN of the year!