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Here is a link to the old FAQ section prior to this creation.
Hey! I can't remember how to write in our Participation Log... I know my page still exists, but where do we link it from? (our site?)
You're supposed to link to it from the Student Alias page. Then you just go to your page and edit it to write in it.

Did that answer your question?
Is there a way to center videos or flickr slide shows so that its in the middle as opposed to aligned to the left of the page?
No. I don't think there is a way to center videos, text or flickr slide shows. I've played around with their Text Editor but so far, I've only been able to center images.
Does anyone know if I can rotate the video in iMovie? I can't find it...
I know they have this function in Windows Movie Maker...
Here's a link telling you how: How to Rotate a Video in iMovie

You have to get a plugin, but it's free.
Hi, can anyone tell me what video editor you use? Uh, I hope it's free as well. Thanks! (I use a PC)
Here's an open source video editor:

I haven't personally tried it, but hopefully it's ok.

Here's one if you want to add effects and stuff:

Again I haven't tried it out yet, so lemme know if its any good :p

I use Adobe Premiere (it comes with the Adobe Creative Suite package). When you open it up, looks really complicated and all, but it's actually comprehensive for a reason. I've never edited videos, so I only did the basic stuff which was to trim the timeline, cut out parts I don't want, and make it web-ready. It becomes more intuitive the more I used it.
How do I create a link that opens
in a new window?
To do so, the script is not supported by wiki-space but you will need to embed the HTML. First, you have to click on the blue TV icon on top of the edit bar to bring up the option. After, select the from the left "other html" and paste this code:

<a href="LINK" target="_blank">TEXT</a>

Replace the link with the link you want to open to. However, it can only link to pages within the site and you do not have to include the main address (http://1006-w08.wikispaces.com) within the brackets. Now, replace the TEXT with the text you want it to display. Heres an example:

Correct: <a href="FAQ" target="_blank">Click here to view FAQ</a>
Incorrect: <a href="http://1006-w08.wikispaces.com/FAQ" target="_blank">Click here to view FAQ</a>

After you're finished, click save and a media box will show up. Don't worry about it because it will not show up when u save the page. Instead, a normal text link will show up. Hope this helps.
How to make my participation log? I saw some people's blog is really organized, is there a certain thing to set in order to show your update history?
I don't think there's anything that automatically generates your log. You just have to update and organize it as you go, I think.
What exactly is a Wireframe? I'm a little confused, is it just the general order of the information, or is it the site layout?
Or just the columns?
Wireframe is basically the draft layouts for the web design. It suggests potential placements for elements in the web. For example, where to place your navigators, title, images, content, etc. You can sketch the grids/layouts by hands, illustrator and such. You should keep the wireframe simple. I personally think it's better to start with a few wireframes before getting into dreamweaver.
How come my images don't show up in the web preview of my site from dreamweaver?
There are few possibilities:
1. Your image is not located in the same folder with the web page
2. The name of the image contains spaces or capitalized letters
3. You should save the page before you get into the preview
4. Make sure your images are saved in RGB mode and not CMYK mode
When Im editing my page on the wiki how do you switch between preview mode and normal mode b/c when importing images I know have to click preview to see what it will look like when I never used to have to do that?