P4 People and Contexts (20%)

“Scenarios are stories about people undertaking activities in contexts using technologies” that are used at various stages in the design cycle (Benyon, Turner and Turner, 2005). Using scenarios, designers can imagine people or personas and develop a narrative that explores a user experience. This helps designers to explore the variety of people using the device for a range of possible needs.

Scenario Statements

For this project, students will develop a scenario from the following list of possibilities:
  1. a person booking a ticket at a train station
  2. someone translating and/or learning a new language
  3. a couple booking a movie time and ticket
  4. looking up the times and choices for recording and/or watching TV
  5. teenagers sending text messages to each other in the playground
  6. a person looking for romance in an online dating service
  7. wanting to buy a new pair of shoes from an online store
  8. wanting to find a good restaurant and entertainment in Toronto
  9. a person booking an appointment with her dentist
  10. wanting to review and recommend current literature to others
  11. looking for ways to invest money in the stock market
  12. a person wanting to share their photos with friends and family

Students will begin with creating a PACT analysis to aid in envisioning the scenario and its relevant components (People, Activities, Context and Technologies). In addition, personas will be developed that typify the target user identified in the PACT analysis.

P4 Process Index


  1. Read Ch.2 from “Designing Interactive Systems” (Benyon, Turner and Turner, 2005)
  2. Develop a PACT analysis of their chosen scenario statement
  3. Script a scenario to include a personas and significant features from PACT analysis
  4. Integrate the scenario into a storyboard sequence of screens
  5. Develop graphic elements using Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  6. Create a wireframe of screens in Flash with desired functionality (e.working navigation)
  7. Work on motion design and integrating graphic elements into Flash
  8. Refine work into a cohesive time-based presentation


  1. Process posted to wiki including PACT analysis, scenario script, personas, storyboards
  2. A Flash based presentation of scenario with integrated media (eg. photographic images, illustration, vector graphics, typography


Submit your folder (swf and html files only) to the dropbox of your instructor. There must be an index file.
Name your folder using the following convention:
coursenumbersection_project number_year_firstintiallastname



Week 1

in class
  • Introduce project
  • Discuss scenarios, personas, PACT analysis
  • Flash - animation, movie clips
at home
  • read Ch.2 from “Designing Interactive Systems”, develop PACT analysis
  • script scenario, develop persona and integrate into storyboard
  • plan and create visual elements, practice Flash
  • update process page and leave feedback for classmates >> P4 Process Index

Week 2

in class
  • Flash - timeline control
  • Review storyboards and scenarios
  • work on functionality, develop wireframes in Flash
at home
  • refine storyboards
  • complete wireframe functionality
  • update process page and leave feedback for classmates >> P4 Process Index

Week 3

in class
  • More on Flash
  • integrate visual elements into wireframe
  • in class consultation and production
at home
  • integrate all visual elements into final presentation
  • update process page and leave feedback for classmates >> P4 Process Index

Week 4

Project 4 is due for in class presentation