Project 3 Process

See the site:
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Preliminary Organization

Content Audit

Project 1
-User testing results (my notes)
-Analysis: Feedback

Project 2
-Panpipes video (2)
-Gloves video (1)
-Cootie Catcher videos (2)
-Wand video (1)
-Other sketches: Panpipes tiff
Squeeze ball
Rubix cube
Track pad
Mini turntables
Massage/exercise balls
-Other ideas (different interactions, not the one I chose)
-Conclusion? (maybe write one to fit with project one's format)

Notes: -much of project 2 is videos and/or images for each sketch
-project 1 is mainly images that go with text

Site Map



This compilation is made up of many of the sites I visited, or illustrations from those sites that I realy enjoyed. This stage was really more of looking at the use of colour and the feel of the site than the actual design. I've posted some links to sites that have links to these sites and many more if anyone's interested. They're on the cool website page.


These next two sites are just a couple of the ones I liked for their design, even though they're flash sites, I'm wondering if we can lean on the conceptual side and be creative with using html. Does anyone know how far we have take the idea of making our site's experience original (what we talked about in class)?

This site is about Montreal, it's culture and attractions and such. I liked the idea of maybe having the navigation
at the bottom of the page as opposed to the top. (You would still scroll, but like a header, the footer would be always

This site sold shirts. When I first saw it what jumped out at me was the idea of an original interaction on a site. Each of
the squares (this is their home page) hold a video of the guy putting on the shirt in different ways, sometimes the design
would fly on and such. I thought it might provide inspiration as to how to deal with all the videos from project 2.

Site Ideas/Sketches


1. Homepage
2. Introduction/Conclusion page (project main page)
3. User testing page
4. Analysis page (proj1)
5. Project 2 Sketch page
6. Other sketch page