Project 4 Process

Scenario 4: looking up the times and choices for watching TV

Early example/idea

In this in class example, I got a rough idea of what I could and should do to map out my chosen experience. The in class file that I created that shows a mini-version of what the final product could be like can be seen below the drawing.


The Ice Cream Venture

(rollover the green head!)

PACT Analysis

By reading through the PACT analysis chapter I got on the wiki and checking out how Florence (thanks Florence!) did her version, I got a better idea of how to approach the project and what to include. This also led me to my idea about how I could show this using certain personas (see mapping the experience and inspiration below!)



Rough Idea of Process Involved

Before beginning the actual mapping out of the stages, I wanted to go through how I actually access my TV guide information online. Since I don't get the newspaper, I end up looking up my shows pretty frequently on the MSN tv guide, which gets the job done. I also wanted to see what different scenarios I could employ for my different personas, so I went through my process, thinking of the different shows and types of shows I like to see and how msn's tv guide sorts these categories.


Persona Ideas

At the persona creating stage, I wanted to combine the different options you could look for with what each persona (that represents a different demongraphic) might realistically look for. I also considered what I'd learnt in the PACT analysis, such as the experience of the person with computers and whether of not they would have help. This came out more in the actual mapping and I believe will eventually be reflected in errors they make in the final flash experience that I create.


Mapping the experience

In mapping it out, I made a decision about the personas, changing my previous idea of using the two brothers as the personas representing the 6-10 and 12-18 demographics. These groups will still be represented, just in a different form. I decided it might be nice to have each persona connect to one another and make this the experience of a particular group. This group ended up being a family, specifically the cartoon family from Bill Keane's cartoon Family Circus (see inspiration section below for more images/info). The mother and father each have different motivations, the other four characters are grouped together in twos to represent the 2 demographics previously mentioned. PJ and Jeffy are the younger children, still into kid's shows, with Billy and Dolly (though younger in the cartoon) are going to represent older youths, more into sitcoms and primetime tv.



It's actually quite a story how I ended up picking the Family Circus characters for my personas. The cartoon goes back to the far before I was born but I received hand-me-down clothes as well as comics from my older cousins, this cartoon included. As it's a very G rated cartoon, I've had these books since I was old enough to handle the reading so I actually have a large collection of images of these characters ready for any situation I might need in for this project.





The Final Experience

I eventually ended up shortening and adjusting my original plan, though I'm pleased to say I was able to fit all my personas in there. I worked in the errors made were a bit more subtle, though still present. I also combined Thel and Bill's pages so that Bill's might provide practice to anyone using this flash experience to learn about the TV guide process. I think the real change from my previous plan is that it was less about the characters' experiences and more about the user's experience. The characters still represent their demographic but now they also help teach the user a bit more.

Here's a mini version of my flash....for some reason the wiki doesn't want to put it up at the size that I specifically set so that it would fit here. The link to the full size version lies here