1-10-08: posted Nuclear Lobster!! group methods in discussion.

1-12-08: posted feedback for Angie24 and toris on their first projects

2-03-08: posted feedback for Angie24 and bertuzzo.

2-06-08: posted on discussion on my project 2 page (universal remote).
-Discussed issues with posting youtube videos with tomcheng.
-posted discussion on toris' project two
-Discussed youtube/project 2 issues with toris and tomcheng

2-27-08: -posted a few sites that might be helpful to look at design-wise for project 3 on the cool websites page
-reordered section P project 3 process index in alphabetical order by last name

2-28-08: updated post on cool websites page to include some other cool stuff

2-29-08: uploaded example of links (wouldn't work yesterday for some reason)

3-2-08: -posted feedback for toris on project 3 process
-posted question about scribd in resources
-continued discussion on my page about grouping things with toris
-posted feedback for kaitlyn on her project 3 process

3-30-08: -posted feedback for toris
-posted feedback for florence

4-1-08: -replied to toris' feedback for my process
-replied to toris' question (also in my process discussion), explained some uses of movie clips
-posted in Flash Forum discussion for other ppl in case they need help with the same thing (directed to my explanation)
-replied to toris about continuing flash issues
-left feedback for xingtao on his flash files so far

-helped michelle with flash stuff
-helped tori with flash stuff
-helped sandra with flash stuff