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Announcements - ie. stuff you should read

Flash Community Help
This website is basically a forum where less experienced flash users can ask questions and share successes with the program. There are also many members who are intermediate users in Flash and can answer your questions about why something isn't working or how to do something. Reading over the questions and answers posted by others has proven to be helpful. I thought this would be helpful on the main page.
Flash Help!

More Flash Help books
This book was really helpful! And it is available in both ther York and Sheridan Library, as well as any other library around. It went at an excellent pace for a beginner in Flash- its a very quick read ( because we only have a week left) and it has an amazing index, so you can find exactly what you're looking for right away.

castro.gifHTML, XHTML and CSS: Visual Quickstart Guide by Elizabeth Castro
An easy reference book on how to write code, helpful for projects 3 and 4. More info here.

BOOK.jpgAdobe Flash CS3 Professional: Classroom in a Book from Adobe Systems
An instructional book for Flash CS3, helpful for project 4. More info here.

Bortolotto- Architecture & Interior Design

This website displays an Interior Design companies plans to create Performance Architecture. This class focuses on interactions, and this particular site pays special attention to Project 4. Looking at it from a PACT point of you, one can see that this company is trying to make architecture apply to different types of users. The architecture responds to the users. This site holds a lot of possibilities in terms of architecture for the future, solving problems like: wheelchair access, height deficiency attributes, and other physical limitations.

Really, it's a different way of looking at something, looking specifically at different scenario's, and different types of people. It can really stimulate the mind in to thinking about different ways one might manipulate or construct architecture into something user friendly for all.


Bill Buxton Speaking at University of Toronto!

As part of a lecture series in design research, our beloved author of the book Designing User Experiences (design principles and all that good stuff), Bill Buxton, will be speaking at U of T. Although our course will be done by then, it'll be a good chance to keep learning about design research and to get a feel for what goes on in the professional/academic world of design. Check it out!
Thursday, April 24th
2 - 4 PM
Bahen Centre for Information Technology, room BA 7256 (7th floor)

40 St. George Street, Toronto
Hosted by the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) >> check out poster on website for full schedule of lectures this spring.

Podcamp Toronto was Feb 23-24th at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University!**
Those of you who were in David's class on Tuesday had a brief introduction to BarCamp--an international community that comes together to discuss and share all things related to social media. This ranging from web applications, open source technologies, to social protocol, and other medias (Wikipedia). Podcamp, which is like an extension of Barcamp, focuses on podcasts, blogging, and other forms of new media. The Podcamp workshop for this weekend have a wide range of topics that you may find interesting, check out the full schedule here.

Why is podcast important? Think about how there is a growing need to repackage and create information in audio and visual form, but more importantly, to make them portable. According to Podcast.com, the word "podcast" can be broken down as: P for "portability", OD for "on-demand", and CAST for "broadcasting" (Podcast.com). People who have access to internet can subscribe, manage, and download streamed information that they would not normally have access to through traditional means (e.g. the television or radio). And by the same token, people who are interested in producing information have the power to do and can create their own podcast channels right in their own home. This breaks down a lot of legal barriers, and makes for a fertile ground for self-publishing possibilities.

Just imagine what would happen if YSDN had their own podcast channel that have radio or tv series for all of our design courses. We can just subscribe to the channel and then listen or watch them whenever we like, how ever we like. Having the lectures pre-recorded means we don't have to worry about forgetting things, or mistaken what the prof had said. It would make for a completely different learning experience and really redefine the meaning of "distance education"! But it would also have a huge impact on student and teacher interaction.

So check out Podcamp if you have some free time this weekend. It may change the way you think about radio, publishing, or packaging of information in general.

Wikispaces Activity, Resources, etc.

Some great stuff happening on the wiki so far...lots of collaboration and really effective ways of presenting ideas for all of us to see. As a matter of fact we are the one of the most active wikispaces (currently back in the 7th spot!). As a result we become more noticed and get a lot of visitors...which is great.

Just a point of business...try to make your additions like resources of cool ideas and things you find, in a wiki page. If we put everything in a discussion, then it becomes a thread rather than a collaborative document that we all take part in making and improving. Putting it in a page makes it easier to find as well.

So keep up the great work and its fantastic to see a lot of interesting projects and ideas


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